RZiQ Panasonic A130JACK Automatic Electric Water Pump

Panasonic Auto Clean Water Pump is a pump that is suitable for water supply uses, pressure boosting and liquid transfer. It is designed for pumping chemically non-aggressive liquid free of gases, particles or fibers.
They are particular suitable for domestic and industrial applications as follows:
.Pump water from well or pool.
.Water supply for re-circulation in air conditioners and refrigerators.
.Industrial water uses in general, and the automatic distribution of water from surge tanks, watering gardens, lifting water from tanks or wells down to 9m depth.
Technical Spec:
Motor: Induction/Single Phase
Voltage: 240V/50Hz
Power output: 125 Watt (0.5HP)
Current Input: 1.4 Ampere
Poles: 2 poles
Suction head: 9 meter
Max discharge head: 10 meter
Max total head: 27 meter
Suction/Discharge pipe: 1'' Inches
Capacity pressure: 18Liter/min
Maximum capacity pressure: 30Liter/min

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